St. John's Lutheran Church of Saratov


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Volga Region Church District of ELCI

The Volga Region Church District was established according to the decree of the 14th Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (ELCI) in October 2006 at St. Mary Lutheran Cathedral in St. Petersburg. According to this decision and by the blessing by His Eminence Bishop Dr. Arri Kugappi, our church district contains six congregations of ELCI which are in the territory of three provinces of Russia, Saratov and Voronezh and the Republic of the Northern Ossetia (RF).

The congregations of the district :

  1. Borisoglebsk. Holy Communion congregation. Senior Pastor Priest Mikhael Starilov.
  2. Voronezh. Saint Mary Lutheran. Senior Pastor Priest Andrew Vladimirov.
  3. New Bourassy. Saint Paul Lutheran. Senior Pastor Priest Olav Panchu. Cleric deacon Alexander Uhanov.
  4. Engels. Saint Luke Lutheran. Senior cleric Deacon Vladimir Grigorjev.
  5. Saratov. Saint John Lutheran. Senior Pastor Priest Olav Panchu and Secretary of Church District, Pastor Alexander Furs.
  6. Vladikavkaz (Northern Ossetia). Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ Lutheran. Contact person: Igor Belyaev.
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